I’ve listened to Delta Deep before, but their live performances are where the group shines brightest. The group is a mix and match crew, with members of Def Leppard, Stone Temple Pilots, and studio artists known for their collaborations with ballad masters Luther Vandross and Michael Buble.

“Whiskey” is a good song… but live? It’s alive and breathing… just like every other track on East Coast Live.

Forrest Robinson, singing with sincerely dire passion in this video, croons and swoons with everything from drunken madness to forlorn love. The band behind Robinson adds an edge or darkness, coaxed with blues riffs and a ‘play away your sorrows’ vibe. Their whole discography is worth a listen for any blues fan, covers included.

“Blues was created out of something completely different from what we hear today” guitarist Phil Collen claims. “I grew up listening to rock music but then I found out it was all based on blues. Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, all of those guys….they got it from blues. Today’s musicians miss out on what blues is completely about. There’s a type of ‘blues style’ but not actual blues music. I just don’t hear true blues anymore unless I go back and listen to really old music.”  

If you haven’t heard of the group, they are definitely worth the listen. Click here for more on the group.