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CW Allen is a humble dude.

“Bad Dreams” is less like things you’ve heard in hip hop before, and, well, more about doing “real” stuff. From the breakdown to the repeating dream to nightmare hook, complete with mumbled ending, the song tries to do nothing but showcase CW trying to shake of this “bad dream.”

As dark and sadly personal as the track is, the song itself works due to a vibrant, ear-catching beat and hook against Allen’s quiet yet sternly-faltered voice.  

Even later tracks on the album, like “Care For You,” choose to reflect on personal engagement and attachment to one’s personal ideology, instead of the usual braggadocio found in hip hop. “Care For You” in particular addresses “the care God has for us even when we’re in our darkest moments of fear and doubt.” When’s the last time you heard that in hip hop?

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