Right from the start, you better get ready and strap in for some acoustic songwriter magic.

“Boxes” is a terrific album opener, but let your ears take a listen before you read what my words have to say about it.

Theresa Lucia, a Brooklyn-based Alternative Folk Singer Songwriter, brings the exponential lyrical heat… but the real highlight is Lucia’s voice. It is a wonderful song, with Theresa’s alarmingly calming voice echoing throughout.

“Boxes EP” is Theresa’s debut EP and her personal ode to family, equality, heartbreak and the healing powers of life in the big city. So when you hear about her life before her New York travels, shaking the roots of her family tree to James Taylor, as a fellow New Englander, you reeeeeally feel that shit. You can see her singing along to Jim Croce with her father now, her lyrics are that good.

Listen to “Shake The Tree” below.

She expresses her strive for equality and autonomy through her poetic lyrics and unique voice. Like Musgraves by way of Alanis’ twisting sweetness, her music is worth the listen. In an age of constant digitization, adding effects for the sake of having them, hearing this album and all the DIY wonder of Lucia’s sound make the BOXES ep one of my favorite projects I’ve heard this year.

Give her a listen and let us know what you think below!