The new #Bloomerangs isn’t due to drop until later this March, but I was lucky enough to get an early copy for review. And let me tell you something, these guys really know how to work together to make some magical, hyper powered smooth jazz.

Do yourself a favor and check out the lead single from their upcoming project, Moments and Fragments, below!

The jazz ensemble have the bangarang virtuosity of early John Abercrombie, and “In Some Shape or Form” has this truly magnificent character to it, building guitar runs atop light piano rolls and a rumbling bass line that doesn’t ever seem to stop trudging along. It should be noted how terrific Chris Parker’s drum work is here considering how many times this song changes pace and style.

Rodrigo Cotelo lightens the entire atmosphere of the album, and you can hear the passion he has for his guitar every single time he plucks alongside Stefan Lenthe’s thunderously grooved bass lines and Clay Wulbrecht’s cutup and shut up piano fills. The entire group works together so well that halfway through “In Some Shape Or Form” I forgot that they weren’t playing live in front of me. #Bloomerangs are just that cozy.

While I cannot detail other aspects of the soon to drop album, their second debut keeps the momentum as consistent as the above track, expanding upon and mixing genres like a bartender in a late night jazz bar. Do yourself a favor and check them out today!