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Bif Naked, to me at least, is like the Canadian hard rock Lady Gaga. Her voice is loud and fierce, but the highest qualities of her talent come together once her booming voice, saliently direct lyrics, and terrific backing band meld into one dynamic sound.

Check out her latest single, “Jim,” below.

The song is a lamenting thank you for fucking me over single that revels in the strength and honest simplicity that makes Bif Naked and her music so significant. The Judas allegories, 80’s shred guitar finger taps, and a chorus that you can’t quite tell what genre it really is, are as stellar as the production value of its video.

Bif is notorious for heartbreak ballads, but with this latest track, which was released just a day before Valentine’s day, the love she speaks about is a “begging you to leave” break through. She wants to go back to the wicked ways in which this man lead her on, again and again, even though she barely knows the truth of what happened as much as “Jim” does.

“Jim” is a song about loss, really. It’s about that disillusionment we all feel when someone turns into an imposter.Jim is the quintessential story of discovering a betrayal and “Jim” is that villain. The song is totally about pain, and facing it head-on.

As a platinum selling artist and former Canadian indie darling, it is truly refreshing to see an artist continue to reinvent themselves, over and over, while maintaining a fresh outlook on life.

“Jim” is definitely worth the listen. Looking forward to more of her work in the years to come.