With a glowing of Mac Miller meets Tyler, The Creator vibes, the lyrics and music come together beautifully on the latest Benjamin Elia$ project. On The Way opens with “OTW.” Give it a listen below!

“This album is about self-discovery. I tried to create a project that really takes you on that journey. There are some happier songs, some darker ones and anything else that you might imagine in between.

The breakdowns are immaculate, especially the funky microchipped guitar and keyboards. Elia$ showcases a tremendous amount of genre blending and throughout the album, and the last track with Maya? One of the greatest tracks I have heard this year.

The characters these two sing about shine on this song. Their musical chemistry together is palpable, bars and reverberated vocal screams included… and the video adds a flash of emotional resonance that the song contains.

“LOL” is the last song we hear and it is a song that is akin to Kanye’s “Last Call.” The classic trials and tribulations of an artist’s self-doubt and prior ambitions are talked about here in depth. It’s a fun song with a bittersweet depth… which is a fitting end for a project chronicling Benjamin’s entire artistic career and romantic life.

I really love this album. The ten songs here all have their own individual concepts and a special tone, within an album that tells a story of a rapper figuring out how to make his dreams come true. Even the skits rule.

Cannot wait for his next project!