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Remember the 80’s? Remember Disney-era Elton John? Well, Rob Alexander certainly does, and might just be the king of this stuff, with his latest full-length album Being Myself delivering the lyrical (as well as vocal) goods. Check out the lead single, as well as title track “Being Myself,” below.

Rob Alexander is a singer-songwriter and released his debut album “Long Road Coming Home” in 2018, and while his Elton John influences are blatant, this guy actually put members of Elton John’s backing band in his ensemble. His voice is a mumbled, refined mix of quiet heroism breaking free to escape… think the Tarzan soundtrack by way of feel good 1990’s nostalgia.

Sure, there are easy “feeling myself” to “leave me on the shelf” rhymes here, but hey man, they work within the content of these songs. Some of which are catchy sincerity disguised as bubblegum pop. “We Own This Town Tonight” is one of my favorite tracks, check it out below.

Another highlight of the album is “Life as We Know It,” a warm and friendly track, encouraging you to live in the moment as the life you choose to lead passes you by. “If I regain the feeling of a love that never dies I’ll be equally pursuing what is never digitized” is cheeseball lyricism at its finest, with heart-on-its-sleeve honesty, as well as a breakdown fit for a hit broadway musical.

If you like feel good music with heartfelt introspection, definitely give Rob Alexander a listen.