The new Ava Cherry single, “Testify Love,” is pure disco. Funky. Invigorating. And something soulful that you might be surprised that it wasn’t released during the Studio 54 era itself. Check it out below.

It’s no surprise to see that Cherry used to collaborate with Curtis Mayfield. The way she enunciates her scream-singing through her lyrics sounds tremendous, as well a reminiscent of the late soul legend. The 70’s style disco backing beat matches her voice so well, but the looping drums will be stuck in your head as much as Cherry’s voice will.

The video showcases Ava smiling and singing, mixing in live concert footage with an onstage performance. This new song is similar to her David Bowie cover of “Let’s Dance” with the way that Cherry croons against a pumping disco backbeat. Interesting to know she was once David Bowie’s girlfriend too…

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