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Sometimes you hear a song… and your mood, day, as well as entire mindset is bettered for the rest of the week. ARADIA does this for me.

On her latest single, “No One Can Can Stop You,” she gives up a powerful dose of good vibes that build to a sonically 80’s inspired ending. Check it out below.

The Brooklyn-based solo songwriter is terrific at blending genres. While a lot of artists struggle to leave the raw finality of themselves within their music, Aradia composes and produces her own works, and makes sure you hear each piece of effort she pours into her songs. “No One Can Stop You” deserves radio play, Spotify playlists, as well as a diehard fanbase. But hey, give it time.

There’s lots of synth rock-dipped drum machine boogie, at least enough to keep you and your socially-conscious friends up all night, partying to the sounds of “No One Can Stop You” on repeat again and again. What makes her music stand out is that while it has a message, ARADIA is far from preachy. Her lyrics standout for being so honest, and for the amount of artists attempting to make 80’s style beats cool again, she takes the popular template and furthers the sound with her masterful genre-blending.

If you like early Charli XCX, as well as have a penchant for the last five minutes of the movie Drive (or maybe the end of one of the good episodes of HBO’s Girls), you really gotta check her music out. For an independent artist, ARADIA already has a marketable sound, but her vision for recreating favorite moods of the past is what will surely bring her further into the eyes of the mainstream.

I cannot wait to hear what she does next.