If you have a creepy uncle, the kind of guy who hits on women at the laundromat while wearing a dirty bathrobe, boy oh boy do I have the band for you.

Apache Rose mix sex-heavy lyrics and “fuck you” malaise to next level heights, especially on their latest track “Attention!” Check it out below!

The vocals here are theatrical and stilted, with the lyrics as straightforward as a can of ice cold Bud Light. These guys sounds like they are always live, a barroom band to the highest degree, with distorted guitars and face-numbing solos all over the place.

Apache Rose are talented, and “Attention!” is a really good rocker of a track if you’re into the Kaiser Chiefs early stuff, as well as the RHCP complete b-sides discography.

“Just put my Grammy for best whining, next to the Oscar for best bitching” is a great line, but I wish there were more sarcastic, crass, and indignantly goofy lyrics here. These guys are from Moscow, and you’d never guess it the way they effectively pull of our once rich American “fuck you yankee blue jeans” rockability.

If you like classic rock with smooth guitar runs, definitely check these guys out!