I like Andrew Reed. “As A Bird Of The Air” has the sound of a seemingly Springsteen-inspired trippy guitar ballad. The opening song on this album is little bit of bar band Pink Floyd, with synth rock dips between 80’s style breakdowns.

“We’re strangers on a midnight drive” is what Reed sings, as well as his knowledge of stormy nights, being brave when it’s easy, and holding on tight in the clutches of life. Check out the song below.

The next song, “Strangers,” blends with the prior track, and makes the duo a highlight of the album. Reed creates a sound on his songs that is heavily reminiscent of 80’s bands like Bon Jovi, The Cure, and the aforementioned Boss.

And where there is a little Tom Petty here, between the shredding keyboard work and solid guitar work, Andrew Reed has a sound of his own. Even on tracks like “Escape,” his lyrics stand out,talking about his romance as his refuge behind blistering drums.

Definitely check out his stuff if you’re a fan of long album sessions and maybe, just maybe, an ice cold or beer while listening.