“This is our debut album..it has been in the making for about 5 years and finally it is here..so “in time” means more than the music.”

You don’t always have to understand the music that you like. Melodies are memories for certain music listeners, and Akshara Music Ensemble have a sound that is solid as it is soulfully candid.

Akshara’s “In Time” – Mohana Blues by Akshara Music Ensemble

Akshara is a New York City-based ensemble building new forms from the foundations of Indian classical music. Led by mridangist-composer Bala Skandan, Akshara features Arun Ramamurthy and Trina Basu on

Bala Skandan formed Akshara Music Ensemble in 2008, assembling a New York Brigade of Indian classical musicians to explore the crossroads of the traditional and the contemporary music. And let me tell you, this stuff is moving.

“In Time” flows so well musically that the average listener doesn’t need to even understand the music to see how strong and attentive the group and their attention to detail develop harmony with every beat, note, and at times jazz-influenced sprawls of drum, especially on tracks like “Mohana Blues” and the preview of “Urban Kriti.”

Akshara’s “In Time” – TEASER – Urban Kriti by Akshara Music Ensemble

A teaser from Akshara’s upcoming album, “In Time”. Album release party will be held October 12th, 2017 at DROM NYC. Be there! www.aksharamusic.com

If you’re a fan of indian music, it’s a no brainer to give this collective of musicians a listen… but if you like 40’s swing music of late Django Reinhardt collaborations, these guys are like a more experimental, spiritual treat.

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