5 Must See Artists

at Northside Festival 2016


1.  “Dead & Gone” by Revel in Dimes:

Ted Rogen said, “[Dead & Gone] starts with a distorted bass and a steady kick, [that] provides the canvas, [in] which Warren sings upon. The chorus is damn near anthemic and feels huge. I loved the dynamics throughout the song – from Warren’s vocals to the soaring chorus – this is the type of song with a roller coaster like energy” (NoMoreDivision). Click HERE for Revel in Dimes’ website. Click HERE to purchase on BandCamp.

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ House of Yes. Click HERE for directory.


2.  “You Will Never Go to Spain” by For Everest from No Jazz Rock:

Mark Garza called “You Will Never Go to Spain” rude sounding, noting the track as the power-hitter for the album. Garza said, “Sarah’s vocals float wonderfully over the rough guitars and switch off with Nick’s gentle delivery throughout the song to still preserve For Everest’s older sound. During the big chorus, they join together in a wonderful harmony that makes this track bleed. All the while, the music comes to a steady build with a devilish guitar riff playing in the right ear that adds a tremendous moving pulse to the track” (FuneralSounds). Click HERE to view For Everest’s facebook page. Click HERE to purchase on BandCamp.

Northside Festival: Friday, 10 June 2016 @ Palisades 8:30>9:15. Click HERE to purchase tix.

3.  “Sparkles” by Fake Palms:

Stuart Berman said, “…the pin-pricked riffs of disco-not-disco thumper ‘Sparkles’ and ‘YTMATLDPH’ poke holes for their fetching ‘ooh wee ooh’ falsetto hooks to waft through, like steam rising out of the punctured cellophane film on a microwave TV dinner” (Pitchfork). Click HERE to read the full review. Click HERE for Fake Palms’ twitter @fakepalms. Click HERE to purchase on BandCamp.

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Alphaville 10:30>11:15. Click HERE for directory.

4.  “Dead or Alive (For Now) (Official Video)” by Fable Cry from We’ll Show you Where the Monsters Are:

Characters come to life in Fable Cry’s theatrical Steampunk, Avante-rock video “Dead or Alive (For Now).” Directed by Ryan Rehnborg, the video shows phenomenal corpsepaint, precision prosthetics, and wicked costumes – artist aesthetics provided by Coco Bridges and Zach Ferrin. The Strings take over at 2:58, leading the listener through lingering notes of haunting allure. Bringing the tension, the violin is joined by the cello. …Then chaos ensues with thundering percussion and supreme aggression on violin. The vocals remind one that they are only alive for now. Better get your experience on. Click HERE for Fable Cry’s website. Click HERE to purchase music on BandCamp.

Fable Cry is unique, interesting, chilling – a sensory suggestive scamp-rock band. Michael Juvinall categorized them as uniquely spooky and reminiscent of Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas. Juvinall said, “Bonding over the whimsical, theatrical and comical, and donning a variety of musical influences from persona in all their music and performances” (HorrorSociety).

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Matchless 9:20>9:55. Friday, 10 June 2016 @ Matchless 4:30>5:20. Saturday, June 11 2016 TBD. Click HERE to purchase tix.

5.  Chaos Chaos – Live Performance on KEXP:

Heather Milkiewicz said, “The standouts on the album include ‘Breaker’ and ‘Monsters.’ The former best reflects the success of Heartthrob, with the perfect balance of synthesizer driven sound coupled with vocal ingenuity. The latter softens the mood a bit, with opening vocals and chords, reminiscent of a toned down version of Lorde on ‘Royals’” (InYourSpeakers). Click HERE for Chaos Chaos’ website. Click HERE to purchase music on iTunes.

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Rough Trade 9:45>10:45. Click HERE to purchase tix.


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