Pop Perfection Dreamin…


1.  “Free Time (Official Music Video)” by Teen from Love Yes:

Dan Caffrey said, “’Love Yes‘ cerebral emotionalism works best when locked into a colorful groove. It’s not that I don’t want to think when I listen to TEEN; I’d just rather dance first, especially when the album opens with fuzzed out, impossibly thick keys from Kristina’s sister, Lizzie” (CoS). Click HERE to view Teen’s website.

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Union Pool 9:30>10:30. Sunday, 12 June TBD. Click HERE to purchase tix.



2.  “Come” by She-Devils from Self-Titled Album:

Jenn Pelly said, “…[Kyle] Jukka loops and distorts ’60s surf-pop samples with tactile electronic whooshes. Sometimes it sounds like Jukka is taking a buzzsaw to rock’n’roll: subtle bits of aural debris shoot out to the edges of the frame, like the sonic equivalent of smashing Dick Dale’s old surfboard inside a gallery” (Pitchfork). Click HERE to view She-Devils’ on facebook.

Northside Festival: Saturday, 11 June 2016 @ Music Hall of Williamsburg 9:00>10:00. Click HERE to purchase tix.




3.  “Jacaranda” by The Regrets:

Olivia Russin’s vocals demand attention in “Jacaranda.” The lyrics note the passage of time to unconsciously rush past: “It’s that song half-remembered / And you’re soaking in September / As your hair is turning white / Turning white, it’s alright
It’s the papers on the table / And the feeling you’re not able / And you’re not sure that you understand anything at all.” Click HERE to view on BandCamp.

Northside Festival: Thursday, 9 June 2016 @ Muchmore’s 8:40>9:20. Click HERE for the directory.







4.  “Velodrome (Official Video)” by Turbo Goth from Destroy Us All:

Marcusd said, “The first thing that grabbed me though was how both [Sarah Gaugler and Paolo Peralta] have created an visually striking image that is totally at odds with 99% of the local market and more akin to the underground indie scene of the US and UK. You just won’t forget these two in a hurry” (HeadFonics). Click HERE for Turbo Goth’s website.

Northside Festival: Saturday, 11 June 2016 @ Matchless 11:30>12:15 a.m. Click HERE for the directory.


Garage-Pop Perspective…






5.  “Nothing But Love” by Crazy Pills from Restless:

Hipster-esque, garage-band-feel resonates in Crazy Pills signature sound. Restless pairs helpful advice with upbeat, dance-able rock tunes. “New York City’s Crazy Pills are a rhythm-shaking garage-punk combo. Dig their Rockabilly and Power-Pop style live!” (FreeMusicArchive). Fully appreciate rockabilly-pop with the 12” vinyl on BandCamp. Click HERE to view and purchase.

Northside Festival: Saturday, 11 June 2016 @ Sunnyvale TBD. And, Saturday 11 June 2016 @ The Gutter 11:00>11:45. Click HERE to purchase tix.


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