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Who are the contributors?
Writers who have been blogging about pop culture and/or actively sharing their opinions on social media.
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Yes. Fill the form below and send us your email and a writing sample or links to your blog/social media.
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Let Punchland expand your audience. If you’re a writer looking to gain more audience, if you are a writer trying to expand your portfolio in pop culture/music writing, this might be your chance to start a career doing something you love.
Sitewide Guidelines
1. No personal attacks – Say no to attacking people or groups.
2. No trolling – Light trolling is OK, as long as it’s fun/funny. We don’t need vitriolic rants.
3. No feeding the trolls
4. Don’t post spam – No spam or aggressive self-promotion.
5. Don’t post porn – Just don’t.
6. Don’t duplicate other people’s work and try to pass it off as your own. Ever heard of copyrighting laws and law suits, missy/mister?
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