With urban art on the rise socially, the artists who take part within are not only successful on the walls of their city, but showcase their aesthetic across more endless mediums. Each design and style match the artistic magicians behind the craft. David Flores is one such artist whose stylistic fashion is easily recognizable. With his large scale mural work, his miniature vinyl figures and even his marker sketches, the profound lines and detail stand out. Each image he works in has a certain colorful and prominent lasting visual impact. Most notably, his contour outlines that bring the images front and center for the viewers to gaze in.

Art came to Mr. Flores rather organically as the years progressed. “If you are referring to mural efforts I suppose it was just that time … If you’re talking about art and a life of art in general, it’s just a thing nobody can plan. I mean, you can and by all means reach for the stars, but I didn’t plan [on] being an artist. It just happened from the time I was a baby, all I did was draw, drawing as a kid was the precursor.”

Working across a wide span of canvases, David is proud of one piece in particular. “Probably the mural at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, just because of how it all came together and all the people involved that made it very special.” The faces and collective camaraderie is apparent with each image for this wall. It was not an easy piece. “It was summer and 110 degrees. The wall was white and reflecting on us bad. It was hot and relenting. The physical abuse we took during that effort is memorable.” Nevertheless, it was a success in the end.

His ambition does not stop there. David seeks more growth as an artist. “[I would like to begin] going into large bronze public sculptures… I feel the permanence is a great way to express gratitude.” With his lines and detail, the three dimensional possibilities are endless. The layers of folds and ripples could be sublime.

More and more people are becoming active participants in the art world and it’s hard to take it all in. However, Mr. Flores gave his take. “Its full of posers and full of true talent. The cream will always rise to the top… everybody is an ingredient.” Seems like a tale as old as time for visual artists and others throughout the countless expanding mediums. Even David’s influences are very narrow nowadays. “… As a kid I was heavily influenced by the life and times of Pablo Picasso.” That can be easily seen in his stark lines and use of facial exploration.

While in that exploratory stage, he constantly expands his creativity. “I always do … combining and filtering. Collaborations are fun. Over the past few decades, art and tech have become more intertwined than ever before, whether it’s through providing new ways to mix different types of media, allowing more human interaction or simply making the process of creating it easier. So I wouldn’t rule anything out for the future.”

The man is not slowing down in the least. “So many things are coming up. I can only say a collaboration with NIKE and some big walls. Also, I’m pursuing a series of murals on mid century modern homes.” Beyond art, he has big plans as well. “Space travel for sure..!”