Gacked on Anger
by Amyl and the Sniffers

Thank you
Director: Gilbert Trejo
Cinematographer: Tyler Purcell
Prod design: Kyle Vannoy
Costume: Jacquelinne Cingolani
Coloniser: Seth Trump
Edited by Alex Cherry
Filmed in LA 2019


Im working off my ass
Every single day
For the minimum wage
And I don’t get paid
I don’t have a house
I can’t pay the rent
Im sleeping on the floor in a car in a tent

So i’m stressed on tick
I’m stressed on tick
Im stressed about money
cuz i’m gacked on anger
i’m stressed on tick
i’m stressed on tick
i’m stressed on tick
cuz i’m gacked on anger

I wanna help out the people on the street
But how can I help them when I cant afford to eat
How do I survive? How do I get by?
I cant go to sleep cuz theres trouble in my mind

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