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Hipster Date #32: Mila

Mila was the most uninteresting, boring and cranky date I’ve ever had, but she is from the land down under and that is totally hot, right? Foodies are a real p...
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How Hipsters Date is a tumblog about, essentially, how hipsters hang out and about my hang outs with said hipsters. Yes, these are true stories. Even the break ...
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Hipster Date #7: Ally

Ally planned all our date, which I think it was nice and at the same time risky. Whatever, I like adventures. Wind up in a super gay kinda Twilight Zone off of...
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Hipsters I Wanna Date: Ashley Cass

Who: Ashley Cass Job: Event Coordinator/Social Media guru for a hip chain of unisex barbershops in Austin (Birds Barbershop). Gettin’ paid to party. Deal...

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