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Hipster Date#2: Hannah

Hannah said that she would only date me if I’d called her and ask her out. I told her this is crazytalk. She said, ‘I wanna show you my art, I don&#...
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Hipsters I Wanna Date: Zooey Deschanel

Who: Zooey DeschanelJob: Actress, indie girl next door, singerWhy should we be together: Even if I Weird Scienced a girl, she wouldn’t be as cute as Zooey...
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Hipsters I Wanna Date: Lovefoxx

Who: Lovefoxx Job: CSS’s lead singer Why should we be together: She wears crazy outfits. I think it’s hot. Dealbreaker: I don’t really like h...
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Hipster Date #21: Lena

Oh, redheads… why must you torture me so? Lena was right on time. May or may not made out with one member of the Brat Pack. Ooh, mystery item! I wish she ...
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Hipster Date #30: Sandra

Sandra is a singer-songwriter chain smoker that hails from Arizona. Boho-chic. Redhead chick. She knows more about music than I do . I got the egyptian eyeline...

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