Hello, Punchland readers. I’m writing to you because Tag Brum was stupid enough to ask me to write here to you. You’ll notice that my writing is insigniated by an unapologetic style. Nevertheless, I will post Louis C.K. apologizing as my first post, so you get it off your system, though remember, I might be wrong, but I’ll never admit it and I’ll never apologize for it. Now repeat after me: You’ll never hear I’m sorry de moi.

I have better taste in music than you and I am hotter than you, but I’m not richer than you. I don’t revise my articles, but you can if you have the time. I’m not gonna update anything anyways.

There’ll be tons of defecatory, vortexing and nepotistic posts here, but mostly defecatory posts about celebrities and hot ladies, but not necessarily in this order.

So from this point on, I’ll be your kangaroo-editor, but then again, this is a kangaroo-blog.

Welcome to Punchland!

We know, totally annoying, but we need to do it!