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1.  Information about Sam McCarthy – the boy behind BoyBoy – is sparse, so look closer at the music. HillyDilly said, “[‘Boy’] is surely an interesting one, and, as a combination of psychedelic and indie sounds, it’s quite hard to pinpoint exactly what genre it falls to. Regardless, we’re impressed by it, and we’re hoping to hear more like it in his solo career” (HillyDilly). Definitely industrial with electric, psychedelic, indie, rock, and elements of pop flare all present. BoyBoy is a sensory delight. Click HERE to read HillyDilly review.

“Boy” by BoyBoy on



2.  Chris summed up the few facts about Sam McCarthy/BoyBoy. He is thought to be in Los Angeles but from New Zealand. Chris said, “We don’t know much about the elusive and mysterious new arts BoyBoy…other than the fact that he has quietly dropped two of the most effervescent and infectious jams of the year, and that people are sleeping” (GorillavsBear). Click HERE to read Chris’ full article.


“None of Your Love” by BoyBoy

on SoundCloud:


3.  Invoking lyrics nostalgic of 1980s emotional yearnings, BoyBoy does not want the negative stigma and possible avoidance of truth that one finds in relationships. The lyrics say: “I don’t need you to go, I just want you to know what you’re leaving. / Love’s taken ahold, you’re losing control of your feelings. / I don’t want none of your love.” Definite relationship strife for BoyBoy is present in the music – real time issues that society faces.

4.  Album Release:

~Unknown~ hopefully, MTF on purchasing tracks from BoyBoy. Unfortunately, without any online leads, there is no info to relay.

5.  Tour Dates:

See above. Oh the mystery! After listening to these two tracks, fans will be eager to find out the deets on BoyBoy.



Shout to Sources: Gorilla vs Bear, Hilly Dilly, SoundCloud

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