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“Female Vampire” from Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch, Tour Dates 2016

by Angela ShafferMay 25, 2016
The Blood is the Life… Jenny Hval’s Blood Bitch

1.  Evan Minsker quoted Jenny Hval on sanguine meanings in Blood Bitch: “In a statement, Hval called the album ‘an investigation of blood.’ She elaborated that the album is specifically about “the purest and most powerful, yet most trivial, and most terrifying blood: Menstruation. The white and red toilet roll chain which ties together the virgins, the whores, the mothers, the witches, the dreamers, and the lovers” (Pitchfork).


2.  Jenny Hval gave a statement about the fictional nature of Blood Bitch. She detailed a few of the characters and noted that this album is her most personal yet. Hval also incorporates a return to Goth and metal in this new work. Click HERE to read Hval’s full statement on Pitchfork.


3.  Rachel Brodsky said, “It was only last June that art-pop personality Jenny Hval released her fifth album, Apocalypse, Girl. Now, the Norwegian songstress has announced that she’ll release a follow-up called Blood Bitch…” (Spin).


4.  Hval’s bio states: “Multidisciplinary and transgressive are words often employed to describe her art, but Jenny Hval’s polyphonic artistry is in fact seamlessly interwoven between musical, literary, visual and performative modes of expression. Her artistic voice is altogether present, accessible and obscurely complex at the same time” (@JennyHval). Click HERE for the artist’s direct [...]


Interview: BOYBOY

by Mary MenzemerMay 24, 2016

We caught up recently with electro-pop musician BOYBOY, aka Sam McCarthy. Since the release of the singles, “Boy”, “None of Your Love”, and “Vices” music blogs have been blowing up a storm about the explosive nature of the tracks. Read below about his influences, his background, and unique artwork. Check out his music on Soundcloud HERE.

I’ve read that you’ve originated from New Zealand, and are now based in L.A. Does your environment influence you?

The environment can be very influential. I sense my mixes have gained a lot more treble since I moved to Los Angeles. However, maybe it’s important to determine how the environment is influencing you and create a filter. For example, if I only absorbed the road noise outside my house then BOYBOY would sound like Trap Hi-hats. Hopefully.

How long have you been doing music? Why did you start playing music?

I wrote my first song in preschool when I was 3 about a boy named ‘Scott’. The song was called ‘Scotty Dotty’. He was pissed. I later began studying music when I was 10. I think at that age, one is often looking for something to identify with, and maybe music was a topic that felt comfortable but also exciting. And attracted girls.

How would you describe your sound?

Like a white Eminem.

Do you do your own artwork?

The artwork is a collaboration between my girlfriend and I. It’s been only of body parts so far and I think she has [...]


Show Review: RYNO

by Myles HuntMay 24, 2016

Spring has arrived and with it some wonderfully fun music to dance to. Nobody wants to hear tunes about sadness or songs that keep listeners glued on the spot. With the sun shining and the desire to explore the great outdoors, RYNO is the musical solution to all of it. Last week he made sure unleash the poppy goodness at Pianos for a group of listeners who were more than happy to partake.

Entering Pianos’ show room all adorned with an everlasting red glare, listeners sipped their cold beers and lingered by the old stools scattered about. Feet were tapping along with the hip-bouncing funk playing over the radio. RYNO along with his two band mates Rodney Flood and Jeff Jarvis wasted no time setting up. All of the lights dimmed and almost immediately, the trio began to perform their musical skills.

Everything started off with a powerful bass from Jeff and RYNO drumming on a separate transparent drum tandem with Rodney. Jeff kept that plucking bass thump alive as RYNO operated the synths all the while rocking the denim vest. Rodney proudly sported his Flash t-shirt as he maintained the heartbeat of the night with his eyes closed. RYNO made sure to keep the vocals loose with the paired drumming from Rodney at the same time. Jeff had the Jim Henson beard of a true musician and was completely relaxed with his bass. As they began to play, the music was empowered by an ever-glowing fluorescent trip by the stage lights.

It was impressive seeing RYNO switch [...]


Pop-culture’s Metaphorical Moves in Music

by Angela ShafferMay 24, 2016
Steven Hyden’s Music Journalism and Philosophical Society Action 10 Ways Music Journalism Reads Pop-Culture


1.  Steven Hyden rocks the world of music journalism. Former Music Editor at The A.V.Club, contributor to Pitchfork, and staff writer for the old Grantland – Hyden brings the heat in artist experience. Your Favorite Band is Killing Me explores metaphorical stints between bands to include fights and “hero-worship” (CoS).

Click HERE to read Hyden’s articles on Pitchfork.

Click HERE to read Hyden’s work for the A.V.Club.

Click HERE to read Hyden’s Rolling Stone review.


2. Consequence of Sound interviewed Steven Hyden prior to the book’s release. Click HERE to read the full interview. Dan Caffrey asked about the rivalries that were left out of the book, and if Hyden wanted to go back and change the text to fit reality. Caffrey quoted Hyden who said: “That’s the weird thing about writing a book, especially if it’s about contemporary people. Things are always changing” (CoS).


3.  Hyden follows music rivalries in Your Favorite Band is Killing Me. Kanye and Taylor Swift, for example, he describes as an intertwined narrative where one fuels the other. Caffrey quoted Hyden: “The thesis of that chapter is talking about Taylor Swift being this established pop star and Kanye West positioning himself as [...]


Braids – “Joni” Video Release

by Nicole ScottMay 24, 2016

The video for “Joni” from Braids’ most recent release, Companion released today. This track was one of Stereogum’s tracks of the week.

The description of the video was this statement from Raphaelle Standell-Preston:

“… More personally, the video explores a relationship ending: a couple strives to reclaim their individuality while trying to stay close together, the battle and beauty of what it’s like to be in a partnership. It’s to be bored sometimes though still in love, to sometimes want to run away, scared to actually part because your whole world feels so wrapped up in them. Making this video was a testament to the song’s lyrics – “We don’t know where we are going, I want to be fine with not knowing darling”… None of us knew if this would work but we all dove in, trusting our guts. Here is the outcome for that kind of instinctual trust – “Joni” !!”

The video was directed by Maria Ines Manchego and can be viewed here:

The EP came out May 20th through Arbutus Records and can be purchased here.

Source: Stereogum.

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