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You Won’t’s Album Release, Tour Dates, and Surreal Videos

by Angela ShafferApril 29, 2016
Revolutionaries by You Won’t 1.  Album Review:

There is a certain something comically freeing in watching You Won’t original videos. You won’t believe the characters, costumes, and surreal happenings as the viewer glides through whimsical fancy twisted into real life setting. Rob Duguay said, “Full of infectious hooks and rhythms that bounce around the mind like a ping pong ball in a tiny box, Revolutionaries stands as one of the best albums to come out of the Boston area so far in 2016” (Motif). The lyrics in “Friends in Exile” demonstrate You Won’t’s strong vocals – invoking Bob Dylan-esque vibration of social purpose: “Look at you now, lost in the weeds, mind in the gutter, facing the breeze.” Shorter tracks, such as “Invocation,” “Untitled 2,” “Untitled 1” and “Untitled 3,” are brief but necessary for the full album experience. Duguay noted experience to shape You Won’t from their debut album, Skeptic Goodbye (2012); he said, “[Revolutionaries] is catchy with Arnoudse reflecting on the way youthful outlook evaporates as one grows older. The music is deep and has a sense of observational analysis” (Motif). Duguay noted the amazing conflict of Arnoudse and Sastri in terms of style: “It’s a combination of roughness and elegance that’s frankly uncanny” (Motif). Click HERE to read Duguay’s full piece.

Arnoudse told Consequence of Sound: “Revolutionaries is about starting out determined to change the world and ending up determined just to change your [...]


FRAEA’s Jessie Daley & Drew Preiner Discuss Debut EP

by Nicole ScottApril 29, 2016

I recently got the privilege to speak with new and upcoming electronic duo, FRAEA about their debut EP Bend Your Bones.

Q: Your debut EP Bend Your Bones just released! How are you feeling? What has the experience of writing, performing, and releasing the album been like?

Jessie: We are feeling really good, We are self-managing right now, so there are a lot of moving parts to juggle at any given time, but I think we are pretty decent jugglers most days. Writing these songs was a beautiful process, truly. Speaking for myself, I have almost always written songs in solitude, so it has been a whole different experience sharing that creative space so closely with another person and watching a song come to life with somebody else present. Working with Drew and collaborating with other people with the goal of actually putting something into the world forced me to hear things in a song that I would not have heard while writing alone in my attic, for myself. Same goes for getting ready for live performance, and for the performance itself. I’ve found that growth is inevitable in all of these areas, albeit uncomfortable at times, if the feedback you get along the way is confronted with an open heart. Drew and I have both experienced that, and I think as a result, have each grown pretty significantly during this process, a great creative side effect of pushing yourself out of familiar and safe territory. But the short answer is “Really good! Really [...]


Generational Poem to Song Crossover: Lucinda Williams

by Angela ShafferApril 28, 2016
“Dust” by Lucinda Williams from The Ghosts of Highway 20:

1.  Track Review:

MoJo has an exclusive interview with Lucinda Williams including “her thoughts on Bob Dylan, her new record, getting married onstage and more” (MoJo). Click HERE to purchase the issue online. Paul Stokes quoted Williams who said: “’Dust’ comes from a poem that my father wrote… That’s a pretty big part of the song. I’m very proud of it” (MoJo). Williams also noted that laying beat to the poetic verse was not a one-step process. She said, “You have to come up with an arrangement using those lyrics so you create a refrain” (MoJo). To fit the music, Williams altered a few of the words – namely the word “dry” to “dust” – which became the song title. Barbara Hoffman noted Lucinda’s lyrics underwent scrutiny from her father who was a professor and poet. Hoffman said, “Miller Williams died [New Year’s Day 2015], but Lucinda started mourning him several years ago, when Alzheimer’s set in, and he told her he couldn’t write poetry anymore” (NYpost). Granting music to Miller’s poems are a way for Lucinda to further carry on her father’s literary work.

2.  “Dust” by Miller Williams from The Ways We Touch: Poems 1st Edition:

Click HERE to purchase Williams’ poetry book.



There is a sadness so deep

the sun seems black

and you don’t have to try to keep

the tears back


because you couldn’t cry

if you wanted [...]


Occult Orientated Crime “Japanese Trains” Video Review

by Angela ShafferApril 28, 2016
“Japanese Trains” by Occult Orientated Crime from Just a Clown on Crack:


1.  Video Review:

Computer animated, SIM-like people meander onto the train for a scenic view of a city-scape. Complete with Japanese messages (unbeknownst in meaning to American eyes), video components illustrate the electronic, industrial-mix track “Japanese Trains.” Elegantly gliding through tunnels of perspective, Occult Orientated Crime delivers a visually stimulating video component to their soothing synth style.

Dekmantel Records quoted Danny Wolfers – a.k.a. Legowelt’s ambient project Occult Orientated Crime – who said: “… it’s the music itself that gives it a distinctive sound: the way the music was composed, the notes and the sound palette. I haven’t used any sharp sounds for example, but everything is very round so your brains will soak it up as something smooth” (Dekmantel). Mike Reid said, “ … even though the name of the album might suggest a hyperactive variation on carnival music, Wolfers explicitly alludes to something focused and generally chaos-free” (TinyMixTapes). Click HERE to read Reid’s full article.

2. Album Tracklist:

Click HERE to pre-view tracks from Just a Clown on Crack on Dekmantel Records.

A1. Bridge Over A Golden Duckpond A2. Japanese Trains A3. Telepatic Consultation B1. Blue Austral B2. Central Coast Drifter B3. Just A Clown On Crack

3.  Album Release:

The first ever physical release from Wolfers, Just a [...]


Interview: The Phryg

by Myles HuntApril 27, 2016

Discovering new music is always a very distinct and pleasurable feeling. Whether the artist is well known or not simply does not matter at all. What matters is that their music has entered the ear waves of yet another active listener. Early this week, the progressive funk band, The Phryg, gained some interest thanks to their groovy tune, Hello Miss, which will be released from their upcoming self-titled album set to be unveiled in July. To learn more about these guys, Collin Patierno, Bryan Walters, Mike Kirchhofer and Chris Plietz took some time to elaborate more on their musical career to date.

Music has always been their go to livelihood. “We are musicians and this is our bread and butter. Besides, we have way too much fun playing music and we’d like to keep it that way.” They will have no problem doing that.

The Phryg went on to explain a bit on their most prestigious work. “Our new album is by far our favorite project to date. The quality of the compositions backed by the state of the art recording and production is a fantastic combination that we are very proud of. This album will define us.” If the music is anywhere as wonderful as Hello Miss, listeners everywhere are going to enjoy a real treat this summer.

As musicians, their work takes them all over the place. The Phryg gave some insight on their memorable performances. “Any time we play with a great lineup of bands it’s an ideal performance. Festivals are great for this reason, [...]

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