One holiday ends and several more are on the horizon! To help people get into the happy spirit, there is a music video that will surely urge listeners to dance with joy. New York native, Feyer, has gifted music lovers a visual representation of his energetic tune, I Just Don’t Know. The man rocks out on every instrument and serenades the viewer easily all the while making a parking garage his musical stage. To help better get into this musician’s head, Feyer gave a glimpse of what this song and video are all about.   

Overall, the motivation for this piece was pretty straightforward. “I wanted to create a video for my new song that could be done as cheaply and effectively as possible. I directed the video, had my friend film it and then did the editing myself on my laptop. There is a local parking garage near my house, and I wanted to find an open space where I could set up my various instruments. We basically just found three hours out of a day and went up to the top floor where no cars ever drive by.” Simple and sweet artwork at its finest.

Although there can be various interpretations of this song, Feyer did not dwell on any specific message at hand. “I didn’t necessarily want to tell a story with this video, but instead try to be expressive through different cuts, transitions and colors. In the studio, I am a one-man band, so I wanted to showcase my skills on each instrument in one video. Each instrument gets its own color scheme. Basically, I just wanted to create a video that makes people say, ‘wow’ and has something different that catches the eye each time you watch it.” Cue watching this video on repeat.

Musically, this song has its sweet spots. Feyer gave a few of his favorite bits. “[It’s] definitely the quick soft-to-loud sections that catch the listener off guard, especially the section where I yell stop! When I perform that section live, I usually try to mess with the audience by throwing in random sound bites such as a car alarm, a motivational speech or even the Seinfeld theme song. Come to one of my shows to see it in action!”

Give the tune and watch and listen below:

Catchy drumbeats introduce listeners to the catchy riffs to follow. Feyer is on all instruments jumping to and fro with a wild color palette adding onto the flair of the energy he brings to the tune. His mild vocals bring listeners into a pure rock and roll vibe that is captivating and hard to ignore. Feyer sings and dances like he is still back in his bedroom air playing some great music. He somehow takes garage rock to a whole new level with the parking structure. Trippy keys and lilting tones flutter throughout the song to keep that pop feel flowing. For listeners catching this for the first time, prepare for a mild trip at about two minutes in as Feyer’s echoed vocals take over with blurred images of the man in action. However, that psychedelic journey ends up being a chant as the song progresses. Chiptune fans might enjoy this bit given the primary colors, animated images and glitchy tones included. It is all entertaining and surreal in the best way.

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