Tunes to escape the sudden heat is sorely needed these days. Luckily the crew of AMFM are here to save the day. With the release of their new track, The Message, the music is the perfect mix of cool to bring down the temperature while still living it up all the while. David Caruso of the group happily gave an elaborate recap of this new ambitious piece.

As a true artist, the medium keeps the man in action. “My biggest motivation these days is the music. Being in the studio and working on new stuff brings me a tremendous amount of joy. I have a lot of new musical ideas and the studio allows me to bring the sounds in my head to the rest of the world. This song was actually written in the studio and it came together rather quickly. I love when that happens because writing for me sometimes is a long process.”   

Overall, the song has a strong body to it all. “The Message is about the feeling I used to get when I thought that things weren’t going to happen the way that I wanted them to, or that doomed feeling that it was never going to happen at all. Even though I don’t get that feeling too much these days, I can’t deny that that feeling existed in me, or that others don’t feel this feeling. It’s a real thing.”

Musically, it is easy to pick out his favorite bits. “I dig how we didn’t do too much to the vocals and let them really be what they are, but when that last chorus kicks in it sure feels good!”

The Message by AMFM

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With a crash and continuous thumping a soulful vocal backing enters the fray. Head bobs are initiated as the beat goes on with the thrumming. Indie-soul lingers and flows to unleash the spirit of the tune. The Message is as catchy as it is is memorable. The vibes grow on the listener and the distorted yet aligned instrumentation keeps the ear in check. Each progression offers a new exploration into the countless sounds that emit from the alternating atmosphere. Vocals are the only piece of the song that has lasting repetition. All of the musical elements are an adventure of ideal listening pleasure. Each listen will conjure up a new path that leads to even more discoveries.

Jam on.

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