Magnetic Ghosts have a certain type of slacker sound, the kind of sludge-filled buzz that invokes a Low or early Sonic Youth record. And like those bands, Ghosts have a tendency to loop their sounds over and over through repeated chords and searing riffs.

“loss molecules” LP by Magnetic Ghost

Magnetic Ghost – Loss Molecules LP 1. vanish / vanishing 2. medecine 3. grand canyon 4. sleeping is believing 5. landfill 6. total eclipse of the sun

Their latest album, “loss molecules,” packs in a lot of heavy sounds within it’s six song track list. The opening track “Vanish,” evokes a certain amount of Radiohead behind brainchild Andy Larson’s vocal work. The guitar lines also add a great touch to the piece, with breakdown halfway through being a definite album highlight.

Overall, loss molecules is a strong album that babbles on for a bit too long. A lot of these tracks try and go for a shoegaze vibe and there certainly are a lot of genres on display, but the album doesn’t explore each sound fully to really leave an impact with it’s listeners.

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