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Plot of New Larry David Movie Revealed

by Tag Brum on August 6, 2012

Guess what? Larry David is making a Larry David movie. In this Larry David movie, David is full of opinions and most of them screw him hard in the end.

The plot concerns a marketing executive named Lenny (David) who is helping to market a new electric car. Because he objects to the name (it’s “the Howard,” after “The Fountainhead’s” Howard Roark), Lenny gets into a fight with the creator, a colleague named Haney, and in a fit of Davidian pique gives Haney back his stake in the project.

This being a David story line, the car of course goes on to become a huge success, making Haney absurdly wealthy and leaving Larry out of the money.

Cue Curb Your Enthusiasm theme song.

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Tag Brum
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