Listeners and music fans, prepare to rejoice and get ready to step into something truly unique this weekend. As an early spring seems to be settling in, there is nothing better than some new tunes to jive along with. Local Brooklyn musician, Aria Jay, who is known for her soul-piercing vocals, released today her debut EP ‘GROWTH.’ It could not have come at a better time. Produced by Cam Outlaw and mixed/mastered by Matt Sim at Germano Studios, it is a musical journey that hits a heartfelt core within the talented artist.

Aria’s music alone is art to marvel at. Being one of the most personal in-depth pieces, it aches with emotion every step of the way. The authenticity is too palpable to ignore. Luckily, fans will have the chance to enjoy a complete paired visual album expected to be released in full this May. exploding with color, life and exemplary feeling, the visual album will raise the genre to new heights. Aria Jay is supreme example of a musician working the space. Her dedication and perseverance is unparalleled as each new endeavor opens another original door. Her loyalty to her art is only matched by her impressive entourage of like-minded colleagues and friends who seem to bask in her adventure. She is rarely alone and loves the energy that people bring to her music and life.

Aria gave a bit of detail on her project as a whole. Her motivation was hard to grasp as this ambitious collection of music started to evolve. “When I started working on this music, it wasn’t so clear that I was going to write a whole body of cohesive work. It started as one track, No Way Out, which I wrote, and then took to my drummer, Cam Outlaw, to produce. This was the first time I had ever taken something I had written to someone else to sort of craft a sound for it… It was for me, really just a trial. He Said came shortly after that… Then it was clear that there was more I wanted to say, and that it was all somewhat from the same vein. I was changing [while] my life was shifting more drastically and rapidly than ever before… So everything I was experiencing felt larger than anything that had come before it. In short, each track is about something I went through that deeply changed me in some way. [All of it] forced me to learn more about myself, and to grow, hence the title ‘Growth’, hopefully into a better person.”

When the music was complete, Aria decided to add onto the experience. “The visual album was also not something I had totally set out to do. I had previously done a video for He Said with Janet S. Kim, which premiered this week on Impose and Atwood Magazines, before ‘Growth’ was even close to being finished.  When it finally was finished, I wanted to make more visual representations of this music under Janet’s direction.  Cameron’s production, especially his choice of textures in my opinion, always feels very tangible, [which] really lends itself to visual depiction. Also, Janet’s creativity is so organic and she has a deep feeling for music… She seems to come up with ideas that perfectly complement not only the audio, but the real story behind my lyrics.  She came up with four separate ideas, one for each remaining track, and we honestly could not just pick one to execute… We decided to do them all. Shortly after that, I was asked by studio owner Daryl Oh, to be a resident artist at her space, Holyrad Studio, and that’s where the ideas really came full circle. Once we got into the space, we could see how all of these ideas could really fit together. We wrapped shooting at the very end of January, and are currently editing all of the footage. We’re aiming to have this completed sometime this spring.” It will surely be something for listeners to enjoy later this spring.

Aria’s theme throughout is quite a personal one. However, for the listeners to come, she offered her overall message. “…It is probably the idea that self-exploration, introspective and outrospective, is important. I hope that the EP, as a whole, will give listeners the full scope of that. Tell Me, the intro track, and Soar, the track that directly follows are totally about [moments people] experience with themselves… The later tracks, Show Me You, He Said, and No Way Out are about outside experiences, and where they take you. Side note: the intro track is meant to be sort of a note written to me, from me. I don’t think people will hear it that way, but that’s where it came from… Actually, it was the last track that I wrote, so in a way, it’s kind of my take away from all of these experiences.”

Musically, Aria notes that they all play a part in the craft it is hard to pick one that stands out. “This is a tough question for me to answer. Each track really means something different to me, since they were all written about separate experiences that held a lot of weight in my life. I like them all for different reasons, but gun to my head, I would have to say He Said is my favorite. It’s the most honest. It’s the song I can still, almost two years later, play or hear and be brought right back to that feeling. It has a lot of staying power for me.”

Folks can enjoy this release with the touching music video for Aria’s track, He Said, below:

For folks eager to pair something with the warmth of the outdoors, look no further than with ‘GROWTH’ by the lovely Aria Jay. Her tunes and spirit will be heard well into the night. Keep an eye out for the visual album to come and enjoy as much of her discography as possible, it will be well worth it.

Jam on.


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