Listeners rejoice, for new music has been shared out for the masses to enjoy yet again. It never stops especially when the ambitious musician, Lissie, is at the helm. Lissie debuted her latest track, Boyfriend, in late June and it is working its way onto the airwaves with pleasure. It is the first single to be released from Lissie since her ‘Live at Union Chapel’ record, which debuted via Billboard last fall. On top of that, Lissie performed a track titled Wild West on Showtime’s Twin Peaks this past weekend. The Twin Peaks version of the song will be released on the official soundtrack in September. Basically, there is nothing this woman cannot do. She took some time to elaborate a bit on Boyfriend and the inner workings of the tune.

The ideation for Boyfriend was solid from her adventurous spirit. “I’ve been working on my next album, due in February, and was in London doing some writing this past March. Boyfriend happened very quickly and naturally as I was newly collaborating with producer Liam Howe and longtime co-writer Martin Craft. A lot of my new record reflects on themes of romantic love, but from the perspective of where I am at in my life now. I’m living on a farm, I’ve had a lot of diverse and tumultuous experiences, relationships and there’s an older wiser twist on things. I also feel like my country roots invoked the lyrics, but enjoyed laying them atop this like bed of a groove. Its sultry and summery and just felt new, exciting and right! Then, it only felt appropriate to shoot the video on my farm in NE Iowa, reflecting a bit of my life now and the partnership I seek at this stage.”  

Themes are deep and resonate with the musician. “I think that as a women in this day and age, the notion of a boyfriend or lover or fling seems tired. As gender politics change, I think it’s still a good question and desire to want a ‘man’ which could have numerous definitions… Someone who shows up and is ready to be strong and work on things together, it’s a bit dreamy, ha-ha!”

Musically, the elements were new to Lissie. “It seems like a different direction for me sonically going in, I didn’t intend to experiment with beats, programming or synthesizers but then it happened and I surrendered to it. I was really feeling it and [was] excited by letting go into a new vibe that I enjoyed singing and storytelling over. It’s still simple, raw and finding that balance in music making and production has been very satisfying!”

Twinkling keys enter the fray until Lissie’s seductive voice comes in to steal the show. Lissie is singing from the depths of an obvious barn and the bright colorful lights create an aura around her as she sways. Her ethereal soul lingers and captivates the listener. Her organic flow using nature’s backdrop just offers more for eyes to take in with surreal relish. A subtle country yodel can be heard as she belts out the chorus. A steady groove keeps the tune moving on forward in slick slumber while the sun shines down. She remains in her own farm world and basks in it all. Listeners will feel the arousal and ache within. Amidst the vocal lead her presence focuses on her slick slide into the deep.

Jam on.

Give Boyfriend and Wild West a watch and a listen below:


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