More musical glory is to be revealed to the masses this summer. It seems like it never stops! Then again, who is complaining when the sounds are so damn good? A great example is the explosive video from the Kansas City crew Yes You Are for their catchy track HGX. Making the magic happen across all spectrums of entertainment, the band are folks to remember. Kianna Alarid of the group was kind enough to elaborate on this song and its creative origins.

Motivations were easy to grasp for the shift into a visual format for this song. “We knew that we wanted what would essentially be a performance video but not so straightforward. We had two super talented friends in mind to direct and edit it, and the collaboration between their two styles is how this video got its personality. The location was the top floor of a close friend’s apartment building, where the pool is. It’s a huge space that the residents are allowed to reserve for parties and such, and it came to mind right away when we started scouting for the video. It turned out to be perfect for what we wanted to do and it featured downtown Kansas City, which I Ioved.”

Messages that were to be conveyed were focused primarily on the band as a whole. “The theme of the video was to offer an introduction to us. We just wanted to present ourselves as a band and allow people to put a face to the name. You could consider it a ‘hello’ and a handshake, like this is our band and this is a sneak peek at who we are.” Simple and sweet.

Visually, Kianna had her favorite bits of the video. “I love the shots that the director, Alec Nicholas, got of each individual band member and how it caught their personalities. Then, I also really love the after effects and collage work that the editor, Anthony Devera, did. Its his signature style and I was so stoked that we got to see it applied to our work.”

Give HGX a watch and a listen below:

A twinkling eases the listener into a surreal world that is suddenly taken over with clapping and powerful vocals. Viewers are in a musical Matrix influenced world of twitching limbo. Head bobs begin easily here. The chorus brings the music fan in full throttle as the dancing ensues. Blurs and waves of close up images bring that strange melody front and center in the mind. Crashing sounds floating amidst the vocals offer a surreal atmosphere that is equally addicting. Lights are brightened and spread across the video in true lens flare beauty. Echoes reverberate in the ears and the art is felt all over. Intensity is matched by the chorus with the viewer’s eyes attempting to stay on track. It is hard to sit still while this tune takes over. If the listener does not lose their mind to pleasure, they obviously did not listen or watch in earnest. Endless movement is the key here and the vibes will never stop.

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