There is a new music alert for listeners this spring. Musician Emily Bell, with her band The Talkbacks, have released her latest EP, ‘Kali’ on Friday, April 21st. The EP, powered by strong energy, is the epitome resilience during this crazy 2017. For listeners eager for a desired change of mental scope, they can find it happily in ‘Kali.’ Fans can now stream songs like “Goddess of Destruction” and “Can’t Talk Back” on Spotify to explore their vibrant sound. ‘Kali, tipping the hat to the Hindu Goddess of Destruction, offers emotion at its best for those still doubting on the human spirit. Just read what Emily has to say.

For ‘Kali,’ the focus of the collection was clear and resonated with Emily. “The first motivation for me when it comes to making to music is always just pure compulsion. I HAVE to write music. There’s a honeymoon phase after finishing a batch of songs but then very quickly that can fade and the urge to do more can be all consuming. These songs came after a girl very dear to me died. I was in just a very raw emotional place. I had shifted. A part of me will never be the same, so I was also just discovering this new part me as I went along.”

A theme of strength and constant perseverance held sway within. “If there’s one message I want to get across in this album it’s to nurture the fighter in you. It might sound cheesy, but fight for what you believe in and for everyone’s equal place in this world. I want young women to listen to this record and be able to let go and be who they are and feel how they feel.”

Musically, Miss Bell had an easy choice for a favorite part of it all. “I really love the guitar and drum tones we captured. We ended up doing a lot of onenote/string at a time layering with the guitar, kind of a 90’s style of recording, to give it this really big feel… I wanted punchy and gated drums, we ended up layering some of the live drums with 808’s and I think they turned out great.”

Give Can’t Talk Back a watch and a listen below:

A classic American football coach speech with misogyny in its usual athletic place starts it all off with the team waiting anxiously on their knees. Comedy ensues with the talk of warrantless ‘intimidation’ and the love for pansy ‘bedtimes stories.’ False masculinity is hilarious here as it builds up to reveal a sweet touch of failure. Catchy rock riffs roll on through as they stand to cheer. Disappointment follows as the men are barely capable of meeting the mediocre standards of the sport. Emily sings in the locker room alone and mocks the men at work. Luckily, as the music hits its crescendo with the chorus of ‘can’t talk back to me’ continuing to hold true, listeners will be prompted to lift up their devil horns. A much more intimidating crew of ladies in black uniforms arrive to challenge the men on the field. Musical vibrations echo the robust figures of the women as they take control. Naturally, the women rule and own the field just like Emily & The Talkbacks own the sound of contemporary rock.

For a bonus, fans can check out an episode of TIME TO TALKBACK below, for a more inside scoop of Emily and crew:

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