It is time to take a jump across the pond to jam out. UK musician Will Joseph Cook is on a roll these days. With the release of his debut album ‘Sweet Dreamerfeaturing catchy tunes like, Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine), Biggest Fan and Plastic, there is musical goodness to come for the remainder of the spring. Every bit of his music is wildly addicting and will be an obvious attraction for music listeners far and wide. If all of this was not enough for listeners alone, UK electronic musical duo HONNE have completed a remix of Will’s tune, Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine) to add onto the glory. Listeners can enjoy below:

Will Joseph Cook – Beach (HONNE Remix) by Atlantic Records UK A&R

Stream Will Joseph Cook – Beach (HONNE Remix) by Atlantic Records UK A&R from desktop or your mobile device

To top it off even more, the man of the hour unveiled a new music video for his track, Hands, that goes beyond the average run of the mill video. Within, the viewer can explore a 360 degree maze by clicking and dragging to travel. If the music does not hook the listeners in, then the immersive and interactive journey will. Mr. Cook even went on to explain a little bit about the ambitious project. “It was a really out of the blue opportunity to work with this new VR company. We created it whilst doing a normal shoot but fabricated a set that could accommodate.”

The musical path for this tune is rather unique. “Lyrically, the song is a stream of consciousness, passing thoughts linking onto one another. All the different versions of me in the video represent separate thoughts. I love the end section when all the musical ideas are melding together. I rarely do fadeouts but with this track it felt natural to have one.”

Give Hands a watch and a listen below. Be sure not to get lost!

This is a 360 degree opera at its best. The haunting yet lingering vocals keep the listener infatuated with the events occurring in the scene. With the plucks of a bubbling beat the music enters an unusual dream world. Each version of Will is hard at work with serious focus or endless wandering in the M. C. Escher style room. Colors are vibrant with the matching clothing on the various Wills in action. It is all a groovy and trippy experience. A huge chunk of the song features a cycle of electronic vibes that elevates the listener’s mind all the way through. It is a new style of art that will be sure to catch on with others in the field.

Jam on.


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