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10 Ways Music Journalism Reads Pop-Culture


1.  Steven Hyden rocks the world of music journalism. Former Music Editor at The A.V.Club, contributor to Pitchfork, and staff writer for the old Grantland – Hyden brings the heat in artist experience. Your Favorite Band is Killing Me explores metaphorical stints between bands to include fights and “hero-worship” (CoS).

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2. Consequence of Sound interviewed Steven Hyden prior to the book’s release. Click HERE to read the full interview. Dan Caffrey asked about the rivalries that were left out of the book, and if Hyden wanted to go back and change the text to fit reality. Caffrey quoted Hyden who said: “That’s the weird thing about writing a book, especially if it’s about contemporary people. Things are always changing” (CoS).


3.  Hyden follows music rivalries in Your Favorite Band is Killing Me. Kanye and Taylor Swift, for example, he describes as an intertwined narrative where one fuels the other. Caffrey quoted Hyden: “The thesis of that chapter is talking about Taylor Swift being this established pop star and Kanye West positioning himself as the outsider. I think him attacking her again just reinforces that. In a way, it’s good for the book” (CoS).


Taylor Swift Cries & Slams Kanye West at Grammys 2016:


4.  The ‘90s hold the most rivalries in Hyden’s book, but he reasons that the ‘90s were his ultimate experience point – and there were many public beefs in the emerging rap-world. What Hyden notices as unique to the ‘90s was a “middle-class” music status – somewhere between one-hit-wonder and full-blown rockstar. Caffrey quoted Hyden: “You had so many stars back then. Even bands that weren’t the biggest bands in the world were really successful. … You had so many mid-level bands and mid-level artists. There were certainly a lot of mid-level rappers. You don’t really have that musical middle-class anymore” (CoS).


Top 10 Hip-Hop Feuds and Rivalries (Excluding In-Band):


5.  “Funny and accessible, Hyden’s writing combines cultural criticism, personal anecdotes, and music history–and just may prompt you to give your least favorite band another chance” (GoodReads).


6.  “In his first book, music critic Hyden makes a whimsical, semiserious, somewhat wearisome personal attempt to plumb famous musical rifts for deeper truths… A pop-culture journey to self-realization that makes ome intriguing stopes before it runs out of gas” (KirkusReviews).

7.  Hyden said, “Let’s be real: Musical rivalries are never totally about music. It’s about sympathizing with a particular worldview represented by an artist over a different worldview represented by an “opposing” artist. You are what you love—and also what you choose not to love” (A.V.Club). Click HERE to read Hyden’s author-thoughts.


8.  Entertainment Weekly has a playlist to accompany Hyden’s book release. Click HERE to see the ten tracks they’ve paired with non-fiction.


9.  Click HERE to purchase Hyden’s book, Your Favorite Band Is Killing Me: What Pop Music Rivalries Reveal About the Meaning of Life. Kindle Edition by Steven Hyden


10.  Celebration Rock – Monday @ 93X – is Hyden’s weekly music podcast. Click HERE to check it out.


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