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Hipster Dudes You Wanna Hang Out

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And now for something completely different, but not quite. This will be our first submission contest and the best post will be featured in the blog! Now, the difference is, the post has to be about a boy, a hipster dude that you either wanna hang out with or that you have a heart on for or a story about a hang out you had with a hipster dude. Remember that the post has to be in the style of the blog and that Murray Hill people doesn’t count, you know, because they don’t.

You can submit your post clicking here.


Hipsters I Wanna Date: Meghan Blalock

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tumblr l2kmpqeKD31qzjgx5 Hipsters I Wanna Date: Meghan Blalock
Who: Meghan Blalock
Job: Writer/editor/blogger/poet
Why should we be together: Her red buttons fall from my mouth; We both enjoy the ladies.
Dealbreaker: She’s a hypochondriac Lady Gaga fanatic.
Pros: Up for pretty much anything, as long as needles aren’t involved. Currently on a path of self-discovery which leads to awesome decisions like last-minute trips to New Orleans. Also, has amazing breasts. What? It’s true. Oh, listening to lots of rap music. Oh, and dancing.
Cons: Currently on a path of self-discovery, which leads to late night poetry writing/reading… And listening. Knowing you can never live up to the standard Rainer Maria Rilke long ago set in her head. Listening to lots of rap music, if that’s not your bag. If you don’t like Lady Gaga, you may as well call it a day and try to be her friend… with benefits.
Summary: She appreciates les femmes as much as I do, she’s trying as hard as she can to live up to Rainier Maria Rilke’s standards while rocking to Lady Gaga and some good old hip hop. You can find her in New York if she’s not elsewhere and if she would dance I would totes D.J.

Dudes Hipsters Date

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tumblr l29uwjqClr1qzjgx5 Dudes Hipsters Date
So, yeah. I’m Tag Brum. Glad to meet you, hipster kids. Thought I had to say something, if I saw something and because I was outted by the VV, I thought it’d be nice to formally introduce myself over here. This is the Q&A I did with Foster Kamer.

Why protect your identity? (Though, by request, we absolutely will) 
[My original anonymity] was a joke. It’s not like I have a reputation to preserve or anything. I don’t think I’ll get to hang out with anyone else after this though. My name is Tag Brum.

Was the sender a man or a woman? Were they being completely serious?
OK, first of all, that was a chick. And yes, I think so. I mean, how can one reply to that? Even if she wasn’t, I think that’s a good sign that we are not meant to be. Not in a cosmic crap kinda way, just in a being patronized since the first time we hung out kinda way. She is hot though.

Where do you live? B-Burg?
Williamsburg, yes. I wanted to take a closer look into the hipster phenomena. Can we call it that?

Do you consider the person you were dating to be a “hipster”? Other than this text, how so?
Hipster in disguise, I think. I mean, she doesn’t pay her rent. Her dad does. She’s a total poser. Her dad is not. She refers to herself as an artist, but I think she takes that as loosely as any other hipster does. Plus, she’s an Urban Outfitters junkie. And she didn’t fill out her Census form. There, I said it.

Was this text the impetus for starting How Hipster’s Date?
You mean, being dumped? Sure. Also, my friends think my hang out stories are funny. Or at least the outcome of these stories are. A friend of mine came from Amsterdam last Fall and she kind of pushed me into it. In a way, I think it’s an awesome way to deal with break ups. Well, some of them aren’t really that, if you think about it. Because some of these texts I receive after the first date. So it doesn’t count, right?

Do you consider yourself cultured?
No, she was right. I am worldly though. And racially pretty cool.

What was your initial reaction to that text?
I laughed and thought: “yeah, this will be on the internets.”

How’s your dating life moving forward from this? Any plans, changes in policy?
Well, I’m Brazilian and the dating dance here is rather different than the dance in Brazil. I can’t really tell if things are gonna work out from the pick up line. Some people are mad, I’m mad too. I understand. We have to power through and keep going, dating is fun. Except when it’s not. I always try to have fun, even if I know nothing is going to happen.

Um. Yeah.

So there you have it. The dude hipsters date has a face now. Facebook me.

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