An Interview with Wallace Costa

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Wallace Costa loves Bert Jansch, Velvet Underground, Chico Buarque, Nick Drake and the like. He is from Cruzeiro, in the state of São Paulo, Brazil. He is a former member of the band Saturno Ataca. In 2008, he asked for a loan from his grandmother to invest in a harmonica and a guitar. From that point on he started on his experimentations with music, right there in his bedroom. His sound is a mix of folk, lo-fi and psych rock, very minimal and pastoral. Amazingly minimal. We had a chat with him to learn more about his creative process and the isolation of living away from the bustling cosmopolitan life in São Paulo.

The Big Spoon is the Project of the Day at IndieWire!

the big spoon
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“The Big Spoon” is being featured at IndieWire as project of the day! We are specially excited about it because the filmmakers will be hosts at pretty soon!

“Tweetable Logline: An Unromantic Comedy about the Perils of Staying Together when You Should Really be Apart.

Elevator Pitch: Have you ever been in a relationship where you’re comfortable, and nothing’s WRONG, per se, but you wake up one day and think, “what the fuck am I doing with this person who I know I don’t want to be with forever?” but then drag ass getting out of it because, maybe it’s better than being alone after all? The Big Spoon is a modern (un)romantic comedy about that; think classic Woody Allen sensibilities mixed with Broad City-esque shenanigans and you’ve got our movie.”

So go to IndieWire now and learn more about this awesome project!

Say Anything… Turns 25

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Say Anything… is turning 25 and that also means that it’s the anniversary of Cameron Crowe debut as a film director. We’ll be talking more about Crowe throughout the week.

Say Anything… is a movie so specific to the characters and their lives that the greater whole of the picture becomes something dissimilar to those who see it, depending upon who they are and who/what they identify with.
Check our annotated rundown of the reviews after the jump.

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